Articles Featuring Art, Architecture and Writing by Keith Anderson

The Reluctant Architect, An Interview with Keith Anderson. Distinctly Montana 2012.

Artist Studio: Artist/architect Keith Anderson Creates Depth In Egg Tempera. Bozeman Daily Chronicle 2012.

Life in Abstract: The Art of Keith Anderson. Montana Living 2009.


The Reluctant Architect

By Keith Anderson, Published in 2012

By Keith Anderson

“The Reluctant Architect” is a series of vignettes regarding the nature of language, art and architecture. This journal asks the reader to examine and reexamine the nature of our world and mankind’s contribution to the aesthetic landscape we have created and continue to create. It is no longer enough to merely solve problems; rather we are compelled to advance the most elegant solutions on the nature of how we live. The time has never been better as our native landscape has become littered with the product of a market driven architecture with little or no regard for the fragile nature of the earth and its dwindling resources. In addition, architects have all but forgotten the simple lessons of utility, beauty, proportion and the poetics of architecture.





5277 West Cameron Bridge Road, Manhattan, Montana 59741

406.282.7097h  406.223.2946c  406.587.8888w





My work as an architect, painter and professor of architecture calls me to communicate a unique understanding of space and the creation of place. Philosophically, my art intends to explore the rich terrain between the built and the un-built environment, the pasteurized landscape versus the edge of something un-kept or the blurred line between what we

build and the natural world. Egg tempera painting, the mixing of raw pigment with egg yolk, imparts a certain transparency and richness of color that allows a nuance and range not often seen in oil or watercolor. I have been working in egg tempera for 20 years and continue to focus on its unique characteristics.


My experience as an architect provides experience and expertise in the architectural design process, the inclusive collaboration involving the environment, client, consultants, and the community of users with an interface of visualization techniques using digital, drawing & modeling means. This process along with the subtler idioms of material and convention, form a more locally based design which thus becomes part of the textural community of space & time. Architecture does not stand alone. It is a public symbol of ancient traditions and modern forms that celebrate the gathering of humanity.



Education             M.Arch., Montana State University

                             B.A., Fine Arts, University of Minnesota

                             Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff, Canada





KA Architecture, May 2010-Present; Designed and completed 5 custom residences and one commercial remodel as well as begun master planning on a ranch that is being converted into a non-profit to discuss global environmental and socio-political issues.


JLF Architects, Bozeman, MT; Senior Design Architect, April 2010- January 2011. Hired to diversify JLFA’s market and bring fresh design ideas to the firm.  Brought in two significant design contracts during my tenure.


Pearson Design Group, Bozeman, MT; Senior Design Architect, Shareholder, 2003-2010. Multiple published residences in the Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Minnesota, Colorado & Vermont.


Leonard Parker Associates, Minneapolis, MN; Senior Associate, June 2002-December 2003; Dalian, China, 4-million square feet of mixed use, Gwang Gu Convention Center, Gwang Gu, Korea.


Gensler Associates, Houston, TX; Senior Designer, July 2001-June 2003; Laredo Community College 235,000 square feet; Cy-Fair College, College Station, Tx, 350,000 square feet; African American Museum, Houston, Tx; 80,000 square feet; Schlumberger Research Facility, Sugarland, Tx; 140,000 square feet; University of Houston Academic & Science Center, 60,000 square feet.


KKE ArchitectsMinneapolis, MN, Senior Design Architect, Shareholder, 1996-2001. Founded Studio Next as an interactive group focused on the changing healthcare market, with projects in Hawaii and California; Lead Designer for a series of university and educational projects, including the Gateway Alumni Center (in collaboration with Antoine Predock), at the University of Minnesota Student Union redesign and rehab; as well as multiple secondary and charter school projects.


Harriman Associates, Auburn, ME, Senior Design Architect, 1986-1996



Partial Project List:


American Red Cross, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                               30,000sf

Barre’ Elementary School, Barre’ Vermont,                                    120,000sf

Brunswick High School, Brunswick, Maine,                                   150,000sf

Burnsville Gateway Office Center, Burnsville, Minnesota,             100,000sf

Calhoun Beach Apartments, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                   200,000sf

Concord High School, Concord, New Hampshire,                        120,000sf

Dixfield Elementary School, Dixfield, Maine,                                 25,000sf

FairField Performing Arts Center, FairField, Maine,                      80,000sf

GE Capital Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                                120,000sf

Great Lakes Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                             1,500,000sf

Messolonskee High School, Maine,                                            140,000sf

Metris Call Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma,                                           30,000sf

North Country Technical Center, Vermont,                                 140,000sf

North Hawaii Community Hospital, Master Plan,                          150,000sf

Northfield School, Northfield, Vermont,                                       130,000sf

Portland Housing Authority, Remodel,                                         160 Units

Firewerks Advertising, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                          40,000sf

PRA Consulting, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                                    45,000sf

Presque Isle District Courthouse,                                                40,000sf

Providence Academy, K-12, Wayzata, Minnesota,                         140,000sf

Rockingham County Courthouse, Rockingham, New Hampshire,  60,000sf

St Johns Valley Technical College, St Johns, Maine,                    120,000sf

St Michaels College, Colchester, Vermont,                                   60,000sf

St Vincent School, K-8, Maine,                                                      26,000sf

Coffmann Memorial Union, Minneapolis, Minnesota,                     250,000sf

Vermont Institute of Natural Science, Montpelier, Vermont,         20,000sf

Wells River Master Plan, Wells River, Vermont




Presque Isle District Courthouse, AIA Honorable Mention

Laredo Community College, Texas AIA Award

Cy-Fair College, Texas AIA Award

Fine Woodworking, Honorable Mention, Table & Chair

Drawings & Designs featured in ‘Rustic Elegance’ & ‘Rustic Home’, Ralph Kylloe

Architecture featured in At Home, Big Sky Journal & Western Art & Architecture


Professional Architectural Registration


Vermont   License #2000


Montana  License #3194





Fine Art Representation


Betsy Swartz Fine Art Consulting, Inc., Bozeman, Montana

Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, Colorado

Charles Bugger Fine Art, Bozeman, Montana

Valentine Fine Art, Livingston, Montana

Woodstock Gallery, Woodstock, Vermont

Merry Wives of Windsor Gallery, Windsor, Vermont

Gallery 2, Hanover, New Hampshire

Cornelia Street Café, New York, New York

La Brioche Gallery, Montpelier, Vermont




Keith’s artwork is included in the fine art collections of the following:


Larry and Jennifer Pearson, Bozeman, Montana

Donald and Signe Farris, Bozeman, Montana

Dr. Jon and Mrs. Kristin Robinson, Bozeman, Montana

Ms. Kelly Ann Brown, Bozeman, Montana

Ms. Kendall Grumman, Bozeman, Montana & Vero Beach, Florida

Dennis and Leslie Derham, Bozeman, Montana

Mrs. Jackie Gillespie and Mr. Tyler Lee, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Ms. Gail Hazelwood, Edina, Minnesota

Joseph Lucas, West Hollywood, California

Betsy Swartz and Lindsay Sorenson, Bozeman, Montana

Pearson Design Group, Bozeman, Montana






Montana State University; Bozeman, MT; Adjunct Professor, 2003, 04, 05

Design 254 & 354.

University of Minnesota, Adjunct Professor, 2002, Drawing & Graphics.

Norwich University, Visiting Professor, 1995, Multiple design studies. Vermont Technical College, Adjunct Professor, 1994, Design & Visualization in Architecture.